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RA Material Compilation V: Tarot & Archetypal Mind

Ra Material Compilation V: Tarot & Archetypal Mind

Letter to Japan II: April 10, 2011

Dear Friends,

If you are interested, it is good to know truth.
If you are not interested, please turn away and find your value elsewhere.

Now is the choosing time on earth — where will you go after this lifetime?

I send these links for those who care to know the nuclear situation in Japan.
As many realize, Japanese government and all world media does not love truth.

Now, this affects the entire earth — and yes, we are all responsible in some way.
We should understand how it happened, but this learning can come later, slowly.

I do not plan on updating this mixi [Japan blog] with further links in the future.
If you really care, you can easily find accurate information online…

Those who know truth are those who seek it.
And those who know not, generally care not.

Now we approach the end of 3D; the sensitive know it well.
And thus, all major actors’ final works are now set in motion.

Please take good care of yourself and those you truly love.



Alexander Higgins Blog — Complete updates on nuclear conditions

Dr. Christopher Busby — Full meltdown in full swing?

The Alpha News — Japan Disaster (updated regularly)

Arnie Gundersen — April 6 Update

Jeff Rense Site — Japan Nuclear Disaster (middle-page left, scroll down)
** Interviews: Dr. Bill Deagle MD, Yoichi Shimatsu


And Jesus said:

“The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”

(Matthew 13:11)

Arvo Part — De Profundis


With love, in peace, forever

Letter to Japan I: April 7, 2011


Greetings from Taiwan,

I have followed Japan news closely since a few days before March 11.

Following USGS earthquake reports, even before March 11 it was clear,
"Japan is being pounded" — and now, the damage and suffering is worse.

I have followed this for the past month, everyday I feel it sharply.
I have not written here before, because my words were not yet sure.

But today I wish to share information, and by it may you find greater vision…

Perhaps you think this 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima Daiichi / Daini
nuclear reactor disaster is a result of nature, accident, or just bad fortune.

Perhaps you think conditions are improving (which I wish they were).
But they are not, and knowing bitter truth is better than living in dreams.

I only share now what I feel to be true and important.


Please consider these reports:

Dr. Leuren Moret - “tectonic nuclear warfare”

Alex Collier - Japan HAARP prediction, 1995

If you believe TEPCO and the media reports are true, please consider these:

Japan Confirms Secret Nuclear Pact With United States

Japan Government Covered Up Extremely High Radiation Levels

Arnie Gunderson - April 3 Unit 1 In Meltdown

Tellurium 129 Presence Is Proof Of Inadvertent Recriticality At Fukushima

Bob Alvarez - What Is Japan’s Nuclear Worst Case Scenario?


Commitment to love, kindness, sincerity is important.
Commitment to truth, justice, and honesty is also important.

Let us not be loyal to those who deceive us.
Let us not sacrifice ourselves for those who lie.

I honor and respect the “Fukushima 50” who gave their lives to save Japan.
I honor and respect all people, and all Japanese, making sacrifice for others.

As Jesus said (Book of John 15:13):

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends"

If this is your decision, the angels, Confederation, invisible adepts and guides
all pour love-light upon you through your selfless giving in aid to others.

However, as the I Ching teaches:

DELIVERANCE ( 解 — Hsieh #40)

The southwest furthers.
If there is no longer anything where one has to go,
Return brings good fortune.
If there is still something where one has to go,
Hastening brings good fortune.

彖曰: 解


Of course, we all choose our path, each moment in this life.
Let us choose our course wisely, as I too seek to learn.

And all our sorrows now flow slowly into peace tomorrow.
And all our pains today are soul-chosen for greater transformation….

Rain clouds burst into rainfall — a hidden sun emerges through heavy fog.

Let us all be honest and authentic — the age of fear, immaturity, denial is ending.

I wish you peace and clarity through these difficult times.
May we all remember who we are and why we live on earth today.

Arvo Part, “De Profundis” -

Love, peace, forever

Scott Mandelker

April 7, 2011

Essay: Lin-Chi and the True Man Without Rank

Lin-Chi and the True Man Without Rank 

Transcript: Tokyo Seminar 1997 — ET Souls, Cosmic Plan, Spiritual Path (75 pages)

Scott Mandelker, PhD
Tokyo, Japan Seminar – March 1997


Part I: ET Souls on Earth (Walk-ins and Wanderers)
Walk-in Process, ET Wanderers, The ET Agreement
ET Awakening Path, Varieties of Wanderer’s Awakening
Successful Wanderers’ Integration, Q & A

Part II: Cosmic Plan and Spiritual Path
Cosmic Plan and Polarity, Unity and the Creator
7 Dimensions and the Purpose of Life, Process of Soul Evolution
The Left-Hand Path, Q & A, Path of Service to Self
Soul Choice of Polarity, Positive and Negative ET Contact
ET Contact and the Law of Free Will, Free Will and Human Consciousness
Human Consciousness on Earth, Q & A

Part III: Body/Mind/Spirit Transformation, Q & A
Ascension and Earth Harvest, Final Comments
Basic Chart on Cosmic Plan, New ET Questionnaire

Book III: Selected Essays 2001-2010 (199 pages)


I.  Wanderers, UFO and ET Groups
II. Human Society and Global Shift
III. Self-Healing, Freedom and Enlightenment
IV. Truth, Mind and Karma
V. Compilations from the Ra Material
    a. Wanderers’ Notes
    b. Sexuality and Spiritual Path
    c. Healing and Balance — Principles of the Infinite Creator

Free copy of my new E-Book: Book III: Selected Essays 2001-2010

Essay: Creating Our Own Reality — How and Why?


Essay: From Inner Seed to Outer Flower

Inner Seed.pdf

Essay: Loving Truth


Essay: Human Crisis and Divine Plan

Human Crisis and Divine Plan.pdf

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